Three out of Ten Men Engage in Extra-marital Relationships, Compared to Only 10% of Women

In the realm of Bollywood songs and romantic films by Atif Aslam or Alka Yagnik, a prevalent notion emerges that women are inherently unfaithful. They supposedly entangle men in their love web and then leave them stranded. On the other hand, heartbroken men, inspired by Salman Khan or Rajkummar Rao’s cinematic experiences, take revenge on their unfaithful partners.

However, the reality diverges significantly from these filmy fantasies. Men with unconventional views on relationships, extending beyond marriage, are not uncommon. They remain open to swapping partners when the opportunity arises.

Relationship Dynamics: Men Being More Unfaithful than Women
Relationship Dynamics: Men Being More Unfaithful than Women

A study conducted in Britain revealed that one-third of men maintain relationships outside their marriage. Interestingly, the study also highlighted that women, more often than not, resist the idea of maintaining relationships beyond marriage, driven by a strong commitment to their partners.

The Psychology Behind Men’s Infidelity

Renowned author Khushwant Singh, in his book ‘Woman, Love, and Lust,’ delves into the psychology of men and women in love. He asserts that men express love through physical intimacy, while women engage in physical intimacy to obtain love. For women, emotional connection precedes physical attraction.

Relationship Dynamics: Men Being More Unfaithful than Women
Relationship Dynamics: Men Being More Unfaithful than Women

Relationship coach Dr. Anjali explains that women find it challenging to establish physical connections without emotional bonds. A woman becomes attracted to a man when she genuinely loves him or shares emotional ties with him. Although a handsome man might attract a woman’s attention, mere physical appearance doesn’t lead to a romantic relationship.

Contrastingly, men often fall in love at first sight, driven primarily by physical attraction. This innate inclination among men towards physical allure makes them more prone to having multiple partners. It’s essential to note that physical attraction alone does not constitute love or a meaningful relationship.

Cultural Variances in Relationship Dynamics

Relationship Dynamics: Men Being More Unfaithful than Women
Relationship Dynamics: Men Being More Unfaithful than Women

Sociologist Dr. Mohan Kumar points out that polygamous traditions persist in various cultures worldwide, including Africa and the Arab world. In these societies, men commonly have multiple wives. However, the trend of multi-partner relationships, distinct from polygamy, is gaining momentum globally, especially in countries like Britain.

In modern times, having more than one spouse is deemed illegal in most countries. The younger generation, driven by curiosity or the pursuit of new experiences, tends to explore relationships beyond the confines of marriage. While society traditionally views marriage as a lifelong commitment, the contemporary perspective challenges this notion.

Can Love be Shared Among Multiple Partners?

Recent research, including studies like ‘Friendship Rules,’ suggests that the optimal number of close friends is around five. Other studies propose a range from three to six. Relationship researcher Robin Dunbar argues that maintaining close relationships, whether friendships or romantic entanglements, requires substantial dedication, time, and emotional investment. Trying to form bonds with multiple individuals may dilute the strength of connections and weaken specific bonds.

An old saying goes, ‘What belongs to everyone belongs to no one.’ In the context of marriage and relationships, binding them solely through physical attraction often results in disillusionment and betrayal. Fortunately, amidst the prevailing stereotypes of unfaithful men, women continue to stand strong on the foundation of genuine love, challenging the misleading portrayals perpetuated by movies. Filmmakers, too, should become acquainted with this truth and move beyond the deceptive narrative of the ‘deceitful woman

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